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An Introduction to Alexia

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Hey all you firebirds! (I like to call my fans, listeners, followers or whoever's reading this "firebirds." Makes them see themselves in a different way.)

Black bohemian in a red dress playing the electric guitar

My name is Alexia, and my bio already says a lot about me in the About section of the website, but I figured you'd probably want to hear from me outside of that. So, here goes.

  • What exactly do you do? I'm a playwright and singer-songwriter. Mainly I work within the indie folk genre, but I do love a good set of djembe drums and some blues every now and then. I use my art to tell lesser-known stories. I also plan to use it to promote unique voices not normally heard on mainstream radio. So if you know a story or a voice (or two), feel free to send them to me. They're my lifeblood. There's also sheet music, plays and music downloads you can purchase from my store, plus many other goodies (including my Etsy shop)!

  • Why? Why not? I prefer to think of it as education. I'll teach you about unknown history (looking at you, "This Is Not A Bill"), or a unique artist that very few people know about (most of the ones I listen to get blank looks when I talk about them) and then maybe you'll be inspired to share them with the people you know, and then they'll share it too, and so I'll intertwine it with stories from my life growing up in South Africa and other weird happenings from my creative day-to-day. (There weren't lions running in my backyard, so don't ask me that ever again.)

  • What artists do you listen to? I love some Adele and very early Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson, and if I listed every single artist in my music library we'd definitely reach the character limit. So for now to give you a little taste, I'll say Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Of Monsters and Men, Rhiannon Giddens, Melanie Martinez, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Steve Reich, Joan Armatrading and Beatenberg. Oh, and I love John Dowland. I've had to sing a few of his songs for vocal juries before.

  • Favorite color? Just one? Red is the color of my logo plus I look great in it, and almost everything I own is various shades of pink, so I guess it just depends on my mood.

  • Favorite show on TV? Currently I'm watching Call the Midwife and The Good Doctor, and I'm often caught watching reruns of House and The Powerpuff Girls. I love televised singing competitions too.

  • What are your plans for the future? COVID stalled everything a bit but I'm working with my collaborators to put my debut production from 2019 back on. And I've been writing new stuff all year. But my Top 5 goals are 1. Play Bonnaroo or some other gigantic music festival. 2. Get a show to London West End or Broadway. 3. Get a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 4. I would say meet Stephen Sondheim, but since he's not alive anymore, meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. 5. Nab an EGOT. (Maybe an EGOTV if they'll hire me as a coach on The Voice, because then I get to sit in the big red chair :)

  • How can I support you? By subscribing to my email list, subscribing to my YouTube channel, following my Instagram, following my Spotify, following my TikTok and SHOPPING AT MY STORES! And you can become a member of my Firebird Flock on Ko-Fi for as little as $5 a month so that I can keep things running (no pressure, though). But the biggest way you can support me is to share what I do with everyone you know.

Black bohemian reaching out to the sky by a pond

That's all for now, guys. Why don't you stick around in my world a little longer?


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