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Alexia’s Story



Alexia Rowe is a Boston native playwright, composer and singer-songwriter currently living in Massachusetts. She spent her formative years as a missionary kid in post-apartheid South Africa where she studied Visual and Dramatic Arts and wrote, acted in and directed over a dozen plays. Her most notable work to date is a collaboration with History Alive, Inc. on “This Is Not A Bill” which has received many awards, including grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and a regional nomination for Best Play of 2019 from BroadwayWorld, as well as positive reviews from mixed audiences. In 2021, she co-wrote the one-man musical "We Need A Savior" along with a fellow cast member of "This Is Not A Bill," which premiered at a local church in Pennsylvania that Christmas.

A coloratura soprano and self-taught guitarist, Alexia has been writing songs since the age of 11, and has a multitude of choral and performance experience dating back to her elementary school years. She's been noted for her wide range and unique storytelling ability. She studied classical voice at Gordon College, whose Theatre Department was recently recognized among the Top 20 Best College Theatre Programs according to the 2020 Princeton Review. She also produced and hosted her own weekly radio show, “The Unique Voices Club”, for Gordon College’s Scot Radio to promote the listening of unique, independent artists. Having graduated in August 2020, she holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts, specializing in Musical Theatre and Playwriting. Currently she is working on the music for her first full-length musical and reinventing ways to promote unknown talent in her world, and though classically trained, she counts Amber Gray, Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush and Joan Armatrading as her musical influences.

Outside of singing and scribbling down storyline ideas, Alexia enjoys reading, thrift shopping, singing competitions, the Irish Gaelic language and ’90s cartoons.



My Artistic Mission

“I wish to tell stories which long to be known. The world is full of stories longing to be told. Through collaboration and exploring the experiences of others, we can truly become a voice for the voiceless. I want my audience to experience something bigger than themselves within the theatre that is beyond their own tangible knowledge. As a person with a creative mind, I believe that creation is meant to branch beyond the confines of the structures we (and sometimes others) impose on ourselves.”

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