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The Official Store of Alexia Rowe

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The source of sheet music, scripts and more for musicians, directors and artists alike!

Acting & Drama Classes

Music and Compositions

A glimpse into the worlds created through original songs, theatre cast albums and demos, as well as unique releases on pre-existing songs.

Theatre Scripts

There are full-length plays, musicals and 10-minute plays - anything you fancy here in the script store! “This is Not A Bill”, which this trailer promotes, is just one example of the many shows in Alexia’s catalog!

Singing & Dance

Sheet Music

Original musical compositions for fun and also for musical theatre productions, including music inspired by Alexia’s latest show "This is Not A Bill." Cover music is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Composing Music

Something extra too...

Are you a bit of an old soul like Alexia is? She's curated collections of handcrafted vintage and afrocentric gifts in our Etsy store too, inspired by her travels all over the world. Not to mention she's got merchandise in stock as well! Check out her most popular selections and more!

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