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Another Show of Mine Premieres!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Pretty weird, but I helped co-write a one-man musical. And it premieres in less than 3 weeks!

A man against a purple background; informational heading for "We Need a Savior"

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with a fellow co-actor I met during the production of my debut This Is Not A Bill to create the Christmas story from the perspective of a wise man in an African tribe. In a similar fashion to This Is Not A Bill, African-American spirituals carry the message of hope and resilience for the townsfolk. Much like how the songs provided solace (and in the case of code-songs, ways to escape!) for the enslaved during the 19th century. We tell this new story with monologues, spirituals, hymns, spoken word...but there's one thing that is guaranteed to immerse you in the world: our use of the Yoruba language.

We have original songs written and composed in it by the performer, Adeniyi Samuel. He's a bass-baritone currently pursuing his Masters degree in opera at Temple University and originated the role of Athumani during This Is Not A Bill to rave reviews, so his resonant voice is sure to move you.

Want a different way of looking at Christmas this year? Then grab your tickets to watch our show either online or in person at the New Life Community Church in Pennsylvania on Saturday December 18th at 6pm. THEY'RE FREE! And we encourage donations to either myself (on PayPal or you can Buy Me A Coffee) and to Adeniyi through one of the many avenues listed in the event description in the link. Keep supporting independent artists and the work that they do! They can't do it without your help!

Share this blog post and the event page to everyone you know!

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