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My New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Here it is! 2022! Now that we're on to a new year, let's do a quick recap of all the amazing stuff that happened in 2021, despite it being 2020 with a wig on at times.

Alexia still reaching out for the sky by a pond

Here's my list!

  • Released my first single, "Charles Sumner," in March

  • Finished most of a full-length musical during the Dramatist Guild's End of Play challenge

  • Got featured in some press, courtesy of Creative Collective MA

  • Released "Charlotte's Tribute" in August

  • Released "Annie" in September

  • Started the Alexia Rowe Makes Musicals Official YouTube Channel (The reaction video to Bella DeNapoli's Blind Audition on The Voice is a particularly popular video there!)

  • Premiered We Need A Savior a week before Christmas!

  • Made my first merch sale!

The Alexia Rowe umbrella started in late 2020, aiming to share original scripts and sheet music directly from the playwright. We're using our work to tell the stories of the world which long to be known, and to advocate for independent artists (particularly those in underrepresented communities). And what a year 2021 has been indeed!

As for my New Year's resolutions, they're for me to know and you to find out as they get achieved. 😊 Happy New Year.

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With love,


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